Welcome to the Language of Yoga

When we were children, many of us sang songs, made up stories, and moved our bodies in ways that brought us joy.

Although creative expression is our birthright, as adults many of us find that we have a critical voice inside, an editor that tells us our words are somehow not right – and by implication, somehow we are not right, not good enough to be writers.

Whether we are aware of this negative voice or not, the effects can be felt both in our words and in our lives. This voice may keep us from writing as much as we would like, or in the way we would like. And the results can be seen in our bodies as well. The editor creeps into our bodies as physical tension – sore back, stiff shoulders and neck, cramped fingers clutched over a keyboard...

When we practice yoga with writing, we allow this physical tension to release – and with it, the voice of the editor begins to dissolve, losing its hold on our lives. What a relief it is to breathe and live more freely. Combining yoga with writing allows us to access our innate creativity. It gives us a sense of our own limitless possibilities.

The practices of yoga and writing provide so many benefits. Many students have found dramatic changes in their health, their relationships, and their sense of well being. To find out what others are saying about how these practices have made a difference, click here.

When you work with me, your Language of Yoga teacher, at a retreat, in a weekly class, in a weekly or monthly teleclass, at a workshop, or in a private coaching session, I will be there to gently guide you, providing inspiration and support along the path. You will learn how to move in safe and beautiful ways through the proven methods of Iyengar yoga. In writing circles, you will discover that wonderful spark within, so that your own words begin to flow.

You will learn how to tap into the very best within you. And when this creative spirit flows into the whole of your life, the possibilities are endless. As many students will attest, yoga and writing practices can enrich your self, your relationships – the whole of your world.

Please feel free to browse through this website to learn more about how you can move from the graceful movement of yoga to the beauty of the written word.

Michèle Gunderson