Yoga and Writing Retreats

Creative Waves: The Alchemy of Insight
Mar de Jade, Mexico | Feb 11-18, 2017

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Another glorious morning... you wake to the lapping of ocean waves just outside your door... you notice your breath deepening…. your mind becomes quiet without effort as you take in the tranquil beauty surrounding you.

It is in this environment that your spirit taps into endless new sources of creativity. As your limbs stretch and release, as your heart expands and the back of your neck softens, you find each moment opening to limitless possibilities. Discover the deep peace and quiet joy that comes from your body moving more gracefully and easily than ever before.

As your mind comes into focus, watch your pen gliding effortlessly across the page. As each moment brings a newfound expansiveness and quiet sense of appreciation for all that is, feel every cell of your being dancing into life.

Join us at Mar de Jade (“Sea of Jade”), an enclave of resplendent beauty and grace. Emerge from this retreat with your soul nurtured and luminous, and step into your life with renewed wonder and joy.

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